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"Act of God"


In Sky Blue helicopter with rotating blades.

It has nothing to do only to be in the hands of man.

Radio to base, spot the fire.

Race of carts to put it out.

The helicopter has had nothing to do.

Up sport take a look, only the snail in the shell could worry at this pace.

My trail will be spotty or come under this hand.

Something big something small, the man, the snail are on the ball.

The fire had nothing to do









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Dressed naked DS



7 April 2012 Mt Blackheath

 How linked we are in our environments. In this case the homo sapiens traced out and replicated against the disc. a floating body against the disc. a floating body against the petri dish background and again the smells, sound taste, sight. Touch ? nourished by the energy of the sun. unlocked by our mad need to be free. We are not free we have liberty, the spectre.

 Dressed naked DS

 (Shelley as Biologist)


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Water Source

Water Source 


Thors Veblin and Adolf Loos perceived that primitive customs secluded it's tribe minors from becoming knowledgable of the vessel that beheld the water supply of the tribe. It was custom so as the genetic pool was protected from any other tribal inferiority destroying the integrity of the strongest tribe. This is my painting of origin in which I have seen not only what is below or above but out there.



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The painting below was generated in a spontaneous gesture of the last three years of looking at how solid objects can exist as pure light.   Not so much as this is a representation of anything I looked at, it had occurred to me right out the blue and this wonderful mad sense of freedom was being played out in allowing the fluidity of content and by "fluidity of content" I mean the mad play of imagery in a free and unassociated reference to anything I had done before.

It is called "Lube" because of the intoxication of the liquid flow one might have when the contents of a bottle of wine are consumed.  Similar are the effects I felt when I'd gone through the process of creating content and disorganisation of the images of what one might do when drunk.

Dark but becoming of light

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